PLASTIC WASTE: Know the facts

We use 5 TRILLION plastic bags around the world a YEAR

Enough plastic is thrown away each YEAR to circle the Earth FOUR TIMES


Dunia Designs provides employment to collect plastic waste from the streets, where it is cleaned and processed.

We're a project focused on the education and training on environmental issues, namely the collection, re-use and up-cycling of plastics.



When our team return with the plastic bags and bottles they've collected from the streets, they're packed into gunia bags to be weighed. Our collectors earn an income from the volume of plastic recycled. 


Once the plastic bags have been processed, they're  washed thoroughly, before being hung out to dry. This doesn't take long in the heat of the Tanzanian sun! 


STEP 3. 

Clean and dry plastic bags are then shredded for use in our cushions, sofas, ottomans and bean bags. Shredding provides a versatile material, meaning each cushion and bean-style bag can be as firm or or relaxed as required.


Some plastics have vital properties. Those include PET plastic from bottle labels and bags. Once clean and dry, these plastics are then processed through a series of machines to create GREENWOOD.

wodl land trust

We're proud to support the World Land Trust. Through profits from our sales, Dunia Designs has helped protect 15 acres of indigenous forest with our support of World Land Trust, of which David Attenborough is a patron. This empowers local partners to purchase and protect land, and educate local communities about conservation.