We use greenwood (recycled plastic lumber) in our furniture to act as frames instead of the use of wood. Greenwood is recycled and reconstituted plastic which is uniquely used in the manufacturing of both indoor and outdoor furniture. This revolutionary new sheet material is the ultimate alternative to Timber, MDF & Plywood.


Greenwood planks

Unlike most standard recycled plastic sheet materials, Greenwood is made of a recycled mixed plastic core which is compressed and encapsulated in a recycled plastic skin.
This structure is stiff, but relatively lightweight, with many benefits:

  • Tough, durable and long lasting

  • Rot proof, weather proof, maintenance free Non toxic and chew resistant

  • Resistant to most industrial acids and chemicals Can be drilled, sawn and machined like as lumber



We are currently expanding our indoor and outdoor furniture range and are constantly testing the potential for beautiful designs made primarily from up-cycled plastic components. It has been used so far in furniture design, as a construction and hoarding material, boating, school desks, beehives, decking and numerous other applications.

Please visit our Product page to view Greenwood designs. 


Lazy Chairs & coffee table

We have a range of tables, couches, pouffes, seats, ottomans, beanbags and outhouse building designs made from 80-90% recycled materials for you to peruse. Please browse our Products Page to see the variety.

f you have an idea, we will endeavour to try and make it a reality. Our unique selling point is that you will not be able to tell our pieces apart from conventional furniture. They stand up to anything currently on the market in the furniture design arena. 


Dunia Designs Offshoot Projects

School Desks

In early 2014, just a year before Dunia Designs set up, the then Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda revealed that Tanzania needed over 3.3 million desks for primary school alone. That's a lot of tree needed for a lot of desks. Since working with the plastic lumber of Greenwood, our first stop was to try and make a desk as cost effective as one made from wood. Only the Greenwood desks are ten times as durable, and most importantly, comfortable and practical for young children. Our desks can fit two or three children, and store books, with perfect dimensions for writing, reading and learning. Learn more about our School Desk Projects here.

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Beekeeping is one of Tanzania's oldest traditions and most profitable trades supporting the economy. Traditionally. beekeepers have constructed hives from logs, bark, reeds and pots: accessible and low cost. However, following Western influences, many experienced beekeepers have embraced the popular, and more commercial Langstroth style hive - most commonly used in The United States.

Dunia Designs have teamed up with conservation charity, Wild Survivors, to build Langstroth and traditional top bar hives, for farming communities to use as a natural deterrent against frequent crop-raids by elephants who roam in and out of Tarangire National Park. Learn more about our GreenHive project here.



Floor and Wall Cladding, Decking, Roofing, Fencing, Paving, Playground frames, Farming Pallets and more!

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