The Team

Albert, Operations manager

Albert, Operations Manager

Albert is responsible for overseeing all activities at Dunia Designs, from procurement, material condition and production, to managing the payments to our recycling collectors. Albert ensures the smooth running of our operations. 

Please contact Albert for any enquiries regarding our services, and collection/drop-off of plastic:

Tel: +255 7540 51296

Gladi and esta

Gladi & Esta

Gladi and Esta are responsible for the processing of materials, in particular, the checking and washing of plastic bag collections. This is vital to ensuring all furniture materials meet our standards for cleanliness and durability. 

Gidian, adiel and joseph

Gideon, Adiel and Joseph Gideon, Adiel and Joseph work together to process the weighing, washing and drying of plastic bottles collected. Using a free standing scale, the team calculate the weight in plastic bags and bottles collected in gunia bags, to ensure accurate payment to our collectors. The cleanliness of the recycled bottles is essential before materials can be used in furniture production. 


 dorcas kenny, upholsterer

dorcas kenny, upholsterer

Dorcas Kenny (Upholsterer)

 Wilfred temba, carpenter

Wilfred temba, carpenter

Wilfred Temba (Carpenter)

Jonas, collector

Jonas (Collector)

We are always looking to meet with young, talented and environmentally conscious people to expand our business. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to know more.

Alexis Cronin  +255 683 122 980

Or please send us a message with your enquiry here