education in plastics

We run teaching programs in schools and businesses. We teach about the damage that plastic pollution can cause our seas, water sources and the ozone if it is not recycled or reused effectively.

Creative Designs

Shredded Bags: Shredding of collected and cleaned plastic bags as an alternative to cushioning in traditional furniture design.

Shredded bags

Bottle and Frame: Using up-cycled plastic bottles with frame bracing as opposed to traditional means of furniture design.

Bottle & Frame

Creative Designs: Testing new designs using up-cycled plastic materials in the creation of bespoke furniture. View our Product range here

Creative Design IDeas

This couch is made using 268 bottles. The pouffes contain 16 bottles. The ottoman has 48 bottles. All cushioning is made using cleaned and shredded palstic bags. "The Prouffe is in the Pouffe!"

Education Impact

We're currently supporting young people through primary and secondary education in Arusha. Here are a few of the students that Dunia Designs helps educate:


Jessica Ezekieli: Senior Infants, Ilboru Academy Schcool, Ilboru, Arusha

Neema Daudi: Form Three, Enyoito Secondary school, Sanawari, Arusha

Lazaro Lepajaro: Form Five, Enaboish High School, Sanawari, Arusha