Alexis Cronin

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Co-Founder, Designer & Architect - BA(Hons), BA Arch

A Creative Designer for Dunia Designs, Alexis is a dedicated Architect and Designer with a strong Entrepreneurial desire. Alexis co-founded Dunia Designs with Evanna Lyons, and together they lead their teams through best practise and quality design.  

He has gained vast experience working in complex situations across a number of different sectors, which have allowed him to travel and work around the world, drawing inspiration from different culture. This can be seen in his designs.

Using his Architectural training, Alexis has been involved in a large cross section of design projects - from small scale furniture to detailed city planning, understanding that size does not matter, but good design does. This level of experience and exposure has allowed Alexis to work on award-winning projects and designs, all the while developing his eye for detail and design.

He is well respected among his fellow designers and has a unique client focused approach to each of the Dunia Designs pieces created. His love for quality and designs has allowed this project to grow so much in its short time. Alexis is passionate about the potential for plastic recovery and design. It is the future. 


Evanna Lyons

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Co-founder, Designer, Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor. BA (Hons), Prof. Dip. Couns. Psych, MA (Hons) Supervisory Practice, MIACP, AMSAI. 

Evanna is co-founder of Dunia Designs with Alexis Cronin. She came to Tanzania to work as a Counselling Psychotherapist and Supervisor with a mental health clinic in Arusha, Tanzania in 2014. Evanna has always been passionate about recycling, and when she found that there were no plastic recycling amenities in one of the fastest growing cities in East Africa, with a regional population nearing 2 million, decided to do something about it. She sees mental health and the environment as being mutually dependent; take care of both and the world would be a cleaner, healthier place to be.

Since Evanna & Alexis first made something both attractive and functional using plastic bottles, they have expanded the range of construction materials to include shredded plastic, plastic bags and reclaimed and recycled woods. Most of the plastic used in the region up until now had either been burnt or discarded on the streets or dumped into water sources or land-fills.

Evanna loves the interest that local children in the area have shown in the initiative. She is excited by the endless design possibilities of the Greenwood and that through the business' hard work and success to date groups of students are being educated; lifting these children out of the cycle of poverty.  

She is enjoying living up on the foot of Mt. Meru in a fresh leafy area of Arusha away from the hustle and bustle with Alexis and their new baby daughter Siah.